Right! We need to get you ready for your test.

So how do we do this?

First, I find out where you're at and discover what else you need to learn. This takes team work so we are going to have to work together on this.

I guarantee that:

  • All lessons will be provided by an experienced fully qualified Driving Standard Agency driving instructor.

  • Lessons will be tailored to suit each students requirements.

  • My car is equipped with dual controls for your safety and is regularly updated.

  • Lessons are taught on a one to one basis which means, no picking-up or dropping-off students in your lesson time.

With these policies in place I ensure that:

  • You get the best service possible and as an added bonus, students who have had a minimum of 20 hours of tution with Ants School of Motoring will not have to pay extra charges on their test date.

  • You will be taken around local test routes, so you can feel comfortable and familiar with the roads you wil be examined on.